A Life Transformed

Hi Gary !

Firstly, thank you so much for that magical massage. I really did feel so
different when I stood on the floor in front of you straight after it…it gave
a whole new dimension to ‘Tadasana,’ in my yoga practice, that being an
active posture.

I really felt different the following morning, even though I have been
waking up with a migraine the last few days, I felt more refreshed than I
have for a long time and certainly that dreary grayness had shifted. I
was smiling again and generally felt lighter, brighter.

I had been very constipated for several days as well, just part of that
overall heaviness I’d been feeling, and of course you helped shift all
that. All that holding in, controlling, constriction…I haven’t had anyone
give an abdominal massage for a long time…most masseuses just don’t
go there and it’s such an important power centre, especially for women.

I realised I have been blocked in giving, it’s not just about ‘getting’ as we
discussed, it’s about not being able to give what I wish to give and what
I have to offer … that flow of energy had been stifled, but your massage
was so much more than physical…it was metaphysical and helped shift,
unblock and release some of that energy.

Thank you again Gary, I really wish you came to Sydney more often
than once a month but will have to wait till your next visit..

I will keep in touch if I notice any particular shifts in mind, body or
spirit…I definitely feel a lot less gloomy and ‘locked up’ than I did before
I came to see you.

You are the blessing that comes when one is ready to receive
permission for what one already knows and feels they deserve but just
needed a nudge in the right direction.

May the coming month be filled with love and light until we meet again.

Warmest wishes,
Helena Xx   ~ health professional