Hall of Fame Singer

“to let you in on what dr g does..
he stretches you open
more open than you probably ever been

and as he’s opening your body
he’s kind of whispering chanting affirmations
and verily it seems when you are truly open
when your framework is stretched to its maximum
then your unconscious or subconscious or something
receives and accepts incoming info

before dr g gave me my treatment he said perform something for me
so in his office i performed the 1st verse of the disillusionist
with all my moves and gestures
we start my free half hour

of course after 30 mins i say go on do the 90 mins
after its all over
he says do that song again for me
i do
and lo and behold
its so much better looser freer cooler opener deeper
wow dr g thats really neat….you have somehow help my performing…

but wait….
theres more
dr g was telling me some other stuff as he stretched me
you know like “don’t carry the weight of others burdens ”
stuff like that
yeah that sounds kinda obvious

but when he’s got you stretched right out on one side
beyond anything i have experienced in say , yoga or osteopathy
in an almost distressing kinda pain
then your heart listens to the words being sung n said to ya
and the words dr gary asks you to sometimes repeat after him
and it is kinda actualized
i dunno how but it is

and i walked outta there suddenly detached from a lot of malarkey
some people have been laying some stupid trips on me
suddenly thanks to dr gary’s treatment it didn’t seem to matter
i’m just not worrying so much about all that bullshit anymore
he has released it from my breast somehow

i am detached from all the guilt trips and the power trips
i am in some subtle but deep way changed
and thus some serious conflicts now loom in my life to be resolved
and i must not jump in boots n all
but i am not gonna be put upon by the put upon-ers
and somethings gonna give
but it must happen whatever it is

because some people were clouding my better judgement
with anger and scorn and impatience and guilt
most of all guilt
and most of that guilt was not mine nor ever was
a veil has been lifted and i’m seeing things more clearheadedly
no longer tyrant or serf
i am setting myself free

things will change
i am entirely self sufficient
i need nothing from no-one artistically or morally
i am just a bloke neither good nor bad

i question all my loyalties
i see many have been misplaced
i question all my trust
i see what i knew all along
some is terribly misplaced
yet i am not disillusioned or even determined
not angry or anything
i am detached from the incredible mumbo jumbo
from the doggerel and the dogma….

i am changed i am changing i will change
my performances since the treatments began have definitely been
more fiery
and the entanglement of other forces in my life i have slipped off

i am ready to call every mothers bluff
enough is enough n i had enough
i aint getting even
i’m just gonna slip off
no one has any power over me any more
it wont work now…. look i am free….

i can paint on my own
i can write on my own
i can make records on my own

ps 3rd good thing about dr gary’s treatment
it actually sorted out some muscular argy bargy happ’nin’ round my
so thats performance and attitude and bad back sorted out
not bad i’d say

my skepticism gone i am a believer in whatever he’s doing to me
i wish i could afford to send some other people there

this is garys very own technique...which he has developed over years
intuitively and guided by the universe

actually in the end i tell you what really matters is that it really worked for me
the treatment is humourous therapeutic and really quite delightful

the pain (and there is a little bit of pain) is a good pain
it is necessary like extracting out a bad tooth or something
but something dr gary pulls off is quite unexplainable to me
it is working so well for me in fact that i do not want understand it
i just want dr gary to do his thing and stand back and marvel at the results
something in what he does improves you

hes like 5 years of yoga in one session
its true
he knows what hes doing
i bet he can improve anybodys performance at whatever it is they want
onstage or in the boardroom
dr gary i reckon will have em more like they want to be but didnt know how to
do it
a bona fide real deal healer...in spades!”


[to dr gary]:

“i am very happy with the results
i am boldly asserting myself in my own life
somehow you have opened my eyes and i can see my own moral truth
suddenly my head is listening to my heart

and they agree they cannot move on unless both are in concord
i cannot tolerate bullshit because its convenient anymore
some of my life personal and professional is built on bad foundations
as painful an upheaval as it will prove to be
it has to be done

you my good man with your lovely treatment have given me this knowledge
the power and determination to see it thru


~ Steve Kilbey -- Singer Songwriter, & Bass Guitarist for “The Church,” Australian
Hall of Fame band ~ soon to be inducted into Songwriting Hall of Fame starts here