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This is me! Part 1

 “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”
    ~ Lewis Carroll – ‘Alice in Wonderland’

By Mark Richardson

I’m really not one for keeping a personal journal, as I’m sure I would try and rewrite my own history somewhere along the lines. Nor am I one for talking to myself. If I did, I would certainly have to find the right moment to interrupt – as I’m still not happy with the way I started talking over myself somewhere back in 2007. No! Talk to hand. I can’t hear you. Is that somewhere close to the mark, “Mark!’

On a professional level, I work full-time as a publicist, editor or three magazines, one newsletter, monthly columnist for a city newspaper and work sporadic hours. My days are filled with constant office noise, phone calls, emails, press releases, speech writing, meetings, photography, networking and my nights and weekends are divided between trying to spend quality time with my loved ones, attending work functions and preparing for my busy work schedule for the week ahead. I have become my own worst enemy.

So, who is Mark? After Googling, this line of questioning came about in preparation for interviewing Dr. Gary Wohlman, Founder and Director of Wohlman Wellness and Coaching, a subsidiary of Amber Phoenix Pty Ltd, located in St Kilda – and a member of St Kilda Road’s networking Club 3004. Dr Gary has made a remarkable difference and positive change to the lives of many of my friends and former work colleagues. Don’t get me wrong, I am a skeptic by nature, but have been advised by at least three friends, “don’t knock it, until you give it a go… and you won’t…”

So with my skeptical hat off, I booked in for a session to learn more about his practices and teachings, quickly learning that I will have the opportunity to interact with, and participate in myself, and possibly return to living my life which I have so long been away from…. When I say “living my life,” that’s simply defined by me as living a “balanced life,” which ideally includes some time for ‘just’ me, time for my family and time for work.

So who is ‘just me?’ What would ‘just me’ do with myself? I love to paint canvases, write scripts and write and record songs. I enjoy walking, playing tennis and performing. I even like to find time to try something new. Yet I am clearly off balance, I haven’t’ done any of those things for possibly a year – and by no stretch of my imagination am I an artist. If the truth be known, I enjoy giving anything on the creative side of life a go, yet until I met Dr Gary Wohlman for my first session at his studio, I just haven’t been able to find any spare time.

So Dr. Gary, I start my self-journey of finding time for ‘me’, here with you, in your St Kilda studio, to guide me through my vines of creative discontent that have steadily grown over the years to see my artistic dreams wither, dropping to the ground, one by one, that have forgone nurturing or repositioned to the light of the sun to grow, to bring about a life to possibly achieve six impossible things, six things in a day just for me – so by day’s end, I can sing to my world, “this is me, all of me, all  you have, is all of me. All I dream, is all of me, with all of you, completely. This is me.”

Where do I begin, Dr. Wohlman? “Here you have Mark at the edge of a new journey, ready to explore what it would be like to have more time and space for me in my own life. What a concept! Can it be? Can I be that? Am I willing to give myself in here the same quality of attention and care I give to so many important people and projects out there?”

This is me! Part 2

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined!” 

By Mark Richardson 

Behind the National Theatre in St Kilda, on the corner of Carlisle Street and Barkly Street, in the Talbot Reserve, stands the “Great Wall of St Kilda” – a colorful mural of art that, according to artist Camille Monet, captures the heart and diversity of St Kilda – ‘its people’. The messages are powerful, inspirational and real. Among the eight hundred crafted tiles are etched many messages. The words that stood out on my way to my next transformational coaching presentation and wellness body therapy with Dr. Gary Wohlman were, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined!” Could these words be the bottom line of returning to the land of my dreams before I turn forty in September?

My birthday is only a hop, skip and a slight mistimed jump away. My fiancé Lyndall recently suggested that I may be having a mild-life crisis. I’m no, but try arguing it’s not about the Miley Cyrus tickets I recently purchased and it’s actually about reading the articles in her program guide. But the truth is, like Miley signing about the ‘Climb’, I too, “can almost see it, that dream I am dreaming but there’s a voice inside my head saying, you’ll never reach it…” Boy, I’m just exhausted being me at the moment, and that little voice inside my head is clearly my voice of fear.

Standing in front of Dr. Gary, visually painting him an overview of my life as I see it – well my world was comparable to a large bowl of spaghetti bolognaise. My life is a huge jumble. Strand by strand I tried to unravel the claggy twine and by the time I reached the end of each line, there was just another mountain. Dr. Gary encouraged me to talk, because he believed I was always gonna wanna make it move. No need to stick a fork in my yet, according to Dr. Gary, I wasn’t quite done. I had just taken the second step on my journey. I realized that it wouldn’t matter how fast I got there, my creative dreams were there to reach and hold. For now, it’s about the climb.

To fully appreciate the work and skill of Dr. Gary, you have to let yourself go, and welcome his innovative approaches. Dr. Gary helps you relate to yourself and to others, through his accredited mix of techniques of visualization, self-talk, self-reflection and body therapy. In other words, Dr. Gary helps you indentify and verbalize everything you want and don’t want from your life. Goodbye Miley, you’re out!

For me, the bowl of spaghetti bolognaise I first painted was now reduced to just two specks of parmesan cheese that I declared to be a little on the nose, “I’m not valued and I’m not appreciated at work.” Wow! Dr. Gary told me to blow the parmesan away, clear my deck and prepare myself to transform the old monotonous self-talk to a new default program of a more preferred, sustainable picture of myself.

Feeling the sensation of water falling down my spine and when breathing in, I imagined the sunrise lifting in the morning sky with golden and light pink colors filling my body. I practiced twelve different ways to fully embody my new thoughts: that I am valued and I am appreciated by speaking with strength and conviction (shouting), whispering, mouthing, miming, speaking in gibberish, singing and writing to install my new default program in multi-sensory ways.

Who is Mark at almost forty? I am not a bowl of spaghetti. I am on my way towards finding my creative self again. Since my second session with Dr. Gary Wohlman, I made time for me, trying something new and although I’ve never sung before, I wrote and recorded a song for Lyndall, “Happy Day!”  Visit

Oh, and as for the Miley Cyrus concert, well, if art lies within the eye of the beholder… I’m heading back to the Talbot Reserve in St Kilda instead. Tickets for Miley anyone?

This is me – Part 3 

“And if the night runs over. And if the day won’t last. And if your way should falter. Along this stony pass. It’s just a moment. This time will pass.” ~ Bono U2 – Stuck in a Moment

It’s not uncommon to get stuck in a rut. Initially I thought I had a bout of writer’s block. So what was my creative rut? Was I actually stuck? Or simply placing unrealistic expectations on myself to find a new level of creativity?

What I first met Transformational Healing Artist, Dr Gary Wohlman, he assured me that he could transform my life by using his technique of body therapy, and multi-sensory style of awakening my inner wisdom and the full expression of my mind.

By following Dr Gary’s transformational program to the letter, making time for ‘just me’ in my every day, I reconnected with my creative self again. But who was my creative self? First up, I gave the song writing a go. With the help of my friend, singer, song-writer, composer and performer Matt Tennant, I wrote and performed a song for my forever-girl Lyndall, titled Happy Day. “Hi sweetheart, please click on www. and let me know what you think?”… “Hip-hip-hooray, wedding bells are in the air.”

So what was next on my creative journey? Thanks again to Dr Gary’s transformational techniques, although Happy Day was a song expressing my love to Lyndall (and, oops, to the world of YouTube too), I felt ready to write a song for thousands to enjoy. “Hey, why not? Nothing to lose, right?”

At the time, I was working at Freemasons Victoria in the Publicity and Communications department and was working on a project developing a Victorian Flood Relief Concert in conjunction with Ian ‘Macca’McNamara, host of ABC radio program “Australia All Over’. With the support of Freemasons Victoria, Matt and I submitted one of our songs for the concert’s opening act, Heaven’s In Me, a song about standing and rising together after we’ve fallen.

Matt opened the concert at the Dallas Brooks Centre with backing vocalists Renae Mockler, Darren Kersye, Rachelle Bentley and Trish Richardson. The concert featured Iann Macca and the Gumboot Band, Digger Revell, The April Maze, Melbourne Youth Music, The Australian Youth Choir, The Basics, Operatic Acclaim Awards and was hosted by Darryl Cotton. The concert raised $25,000.

Heaven’s In Me is played weekly on 3WBC 94.1FM Whitehorse Boroondara Community Radio, thanks to presenter Bob Richardson, who heard Matt’s live performance. We uploaded Heaven’s in Me onto iTunes, and it has since hit the airways in South-east Asia and is in the hands of Indonesian television and record producer Peter Rahadi.

So what next? Matt and I  are heading back to the recording studio. Thank you Dr. Gary Wohlman, Freemasons Victoria and the world of creative of thought and expression… I’m out of the rut… Bono was right… “this time will pass.”