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Astrology Readings

Accurate & Illuminating Astrology  --  CHARTS & READINGS:
…prepared for you, based on your time and location of birth.
You may find, as many others have, these readings are a true treasure!

I’ve never come across in my life astrological interpretations that are so brilliantly written and right on target as these– I spent a whole week once laughing and crying at the clarity of insights and wisdom I picked up while reading my own personal version.

You are likely to refer to your chart and corresponding reading many times throughout your life-- as you find your key challenges clarified, life-lessons streamlined, and creative gifts and unique strengths revealed.

In becoming familiar with your chart, you will recognise the blueprint of your life path and direction -- and learn to make better, more-informed decisions that empower your sense of purpose. You are certain to find fresh perspectives on situations and problems you haven’t been able to solve up until now.

As your awareness grows and you begin to master life lessons as revealed by these astrology readings, you’ll find repetitive patterns in issues that previously concerned you naturally unravel and dissolve by themselves.

What’s more, you’ll get a real pleasure reading your natal birth chart interpretation – the writing itself is a true inspiration!

If you enjoy your natal reading enough that you’d like to see a more in depth-view of your underlying patterns, passions and potentials, you might  appreciate an “Asteroid Goddesses reading” as well. If you are in a relationship with another person that you would like to understand better, you may find a “Compatability Chart” and  “Synastry” reading useful.

Also available are dynamic one-year astrological forecasts that pinpoint key dates and descriptions of what’s going on for you under the surface of patterns that emerge in your life. You will better know when to act and not to act with specific challenges and opportunities, make clearer decisions and have a deeper understanding of emotional and mental themes that affect your daily behaviour – enhancing your ability to be successful and fulfilled in all dimensions of your professional and personal lives.

A chart + reading costs A$50
To order a chart and reading, contact:
Dr Gary Wohlman
Call: +61 (0)433 126 019  

For your convenience, charts and readings are easily sent via email.

Click here download a gift certificate to print for yourself, or to send to a friend