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Living Art Opportunities

Welcome to the "Living Art Opportunities"!

Here you have access to 5 different "real life" opportunities to interact with, and participate in yourself. ENJOY adventuring through this area ~

Here's to you Living your Life as you've always dreamed possible!

Warm regards,
Dr Gary

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In the video just to the right above, you'll see a candid, unrehearsed spontaneous live interview at the recent Celebrating Story Conference in Melbourne, where Dr Gary answers ~ as one of the featured presenters ~ the following questions.  As you reflect on your own life, you may be asking yourself similar questions, too:

Q: "What keeps you awake at night?"

Q: "If your life’s Journey were captured in a book, what would the book be titled?"

Q: "What would the current chapter be called?"

Q: "What invisible super power would you use, if it were given to you in your work?"

Q: "What would you tell your 18 year old self, if you could talk to it ~ from where you are now?"

Q: "What living legacy would you pass on to the next generation?"

Social Networking

This area opens up my social networking "Facebook" and "Twitter" sites, which gives you access to many more of my personal and professional interests that may inspire you ~ and give you further guidance and clarity in your life direction... 

As you explore this area, you will discover a much wider range of photos, videos, and inspirational pieces from myself and others not available anywhere else in my general website.

more info...

Awakening Creativity Retreat 

This link opens up a description of Awakening Creativity retreats I have been leading on the exotic island of Bali, Indonesia, since 1998. I am happy to create for you and facilitate a personalised retreat -- either in Bali, or in some other area of the world where you'd prefer we create together a special event  for yourself and those with whom you'd like to share a once-in-a-lifetime-experience

more info... 

Astrology Readings 

Accurate & Illuminating Astrology

…prepared for you, based on your time and location of birth.
You may find, as many others have, these readings are a true treasure!

I’ve never come across in my life astrological interpretations that are so brilliantly written and right on target as these ~ I spent a whole week once laughing and crying at the clarity of insights and depths of wisdom I picked up while reading my own personal version.

You are likely to refer to your chart and corresponding reading many times throughout your life-- as you find your key challenges clarified, life-lessons streamlined, and creative gifts and unique strengths revealed.

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