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Dr Gary Wohlman, (also known as "Sharaad La Charade" in his performing persona) has been a teacher, facilitator and coach integrating the performing, visual and healing arts for 35+ years.

An accomplished transformational body therapist and seasoned court jester himself, he makes it safe and easy for people to open up, loosen blockages and express our most creative, joyful and outrageous selves – to integrate and enhance our personal and professional lives...

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Ancient Wisdom, Ancient Voices
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Ancient Wisdom, Ancient VoicesI became aware of Dr Gary and his unique mode of body-work after meeting him at an entrepreneur’s event on the Gold Coast, Australia a number of years ago. Since that time I have been an enthusiastic and regular client of Dr Gary, taking full advantage of the amazing skills and techniques he has spent over 40 years developing and perfecting. Being a multi-business owner, record producer, partner and father I have scant time available and these sessions with Dr Gary have become an invaluable part of my self-care and health maintenance regime.

Through the use of rhyme, metaphor, humour, tone and affirmation Dr Gary massages your mind and spirit just as he invokes the yoga movements in your body. I have, many times, considered how invaluable a recording of this aspect of Dr Gary’s work could be. Having a love for the didgeridoo and its ability to enhance an inner experience, I have for many years wanted to incorporate its unique sound in such a project of a more esoteric nature. After approaching Dr Gary with these ideas, we together developed and produced the recordings we now present to you. My hope is that you receive as much benefit and enjoyment from these recordings as I do.

Glenn Scott
“Ancient Wisdom – Modern Voices”

Credits: Dr Gary – words, vocal and sounds performance.
Glenn Scott (Producer) – didgeridoo recording, engineering, mixing.
This recording produced for Wick Entertainment Pty Ltd and Amber Phoenix Pty Ltd .
All rights reserved. © Wick Records 2012

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Video Performance "Where Have I Known You Before"

This performance art piece is one of my very favourites, first given to me in the form of a poem that arrived in the mail in my early 20's ~ a poem sent to me by a dear friend I had known and lost contact with after we first broke free from our families and set out on our own individual life paths.

The poem  relfects the universal themes of Knowing, Loving, Hurting, Losing & Finding each other again in our lives.

In the gamut of our human experience, sooner or later we find ourselves moving through all of these zones...

When I first read the words you are about to hear, I felt so deeply moved...that I committed to sharing this piece with as many people as possible during this life ~ to touch that place where we can all connect, as one.

What do you connect with the most here? I welcome hearing yor comments, too...


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