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Visual Art Catalogue: Artwork - BATIK Kimono Robes

In my journey on this earth, I feel that my most effective stance is to assist the human race to reconnect with our body and express the gifts of our fullest feeling, creativity and humanity. All of my paintings reflect this message -- to awaken our full vitality, to develop our ability to joyously and consciously create our lives as you and I have always dreamed  possible. To honor this Celebratory Spirit of bringing our Deepest Dreams to Greatest Life, I invite you now to adventure through my Art Gallery.

As you explore, you'll discover within each piece a wondrous world of its own -- Each one has a special story, a gift that glows, a Spirit that Knows.. Enter each image with all of your senses listening and glistening at once, with your doors of perception open wide. And you will be met at every turn with a message, a memory, a murmuring of mystery and magic and mythic meaning. Look deeply, under the surface colors and shapes and hues, and you find treasures touching everywhere. 

"The more you look, the more you see.... The more you find, the more you free.... " 

On the Streamline of your Path, Sometimes you'll Cry, sometimes you'll Laugh. Illumination is the Way, reflecting our Dance through Shadows ... We Play!!

A Special Note to You before Entering the Gallery: I am reminded right now that this introduction above which you have just read came together with a most unusual and magnificent momentum, as though a life of its own spun into being with a stunning velocity. As a witness, I watched and listened to a wondrous weaving of words-- they appeared to coalesce co-creatively into a vibrating vortex of visions, telling truths with tremendous intention, together turning into a tapestry of teaching.

Just like this ORACLE which has spoken simply to our Spirit, and shined and soared, it is my sincerest intention to provide you with as many opportunities as possible so you, too, can streamline your Way through the poetapestry of Creating your own Life's fullest fulfillment and Divine Design.

As you pass through the many chambers, then, of the Gallery of Art just in front of you, may you fully receive Exquisite Guidance to protect you, to comfort you, to delightfully enchant and inspire and awaken you. It is my highest wish and deepest prayer that you see in each image here a true reflection of all the ways you are constantly being led in your own life -- with safety and sheer enjoyment towards that place where you came from, your true home. As you pass through the many doorways and windows and rooms in this Gallery, may the myriad of messages you meet ... in all ways.... Ease your Way, Increase Play, Give Fresh Start, Marry HEART with ART -- your TRUE part.

Before you cross the threshold and actually enter the realm of the Art Gallery, here's one last reflection for you to enhance your upcoming experience as you tour this collection of matching visual images and verbal messages:

Unlike the visual feast you will soon be enjoying, you are going to have to use your imagination for a moment to visualize a grand piece which is no longer with us -- it has disintegrated over the many years and thousands of miles since it was first given birth -- in Maui, Hawaii ... on St. Patrick's Day,1986. Although the original art is gone from our physical world forever, the impact and Aliveness of its Message & Voice still grows and GROWS and G R O W S in living memory!!!

"What was it when it was born into form, in the first place?" you might very well be asking right now. It was the largest work I'd ever yet made; a Colossal figure of a Goddess -- made with natural and decorative bits of wood and bright green metallic fishing tackle, along with any and every color from all the mediums I could possibly find in my house -- from Chaos itself emerged from my hands that fine day, an extraordinary-what-seemed-to-be-a-living-and-breathing nearly-ready-to-speak-out-form. It appeared to cross over from another dimension than the world-as-we-know-it and LEAP into shape onto an actual door to an outside studio way out in the wilds of windy, overgrown jungle cliffs towering above vast ocean waves below. This "Being" grew to fill the entirety of this door from top to bottom, and possessed an eerie Bigger-then-Life vital spark and glow of its own.

I recall, in particular, Her EYES --her deep blue eyes radiated an incandescent intensity that tapped a source of POWER & WISDOM. beyond our earthly plane, that was strangely familiar.... I can see her eyes even now....they look far, and penetrate DEEP with an activated Life Force that's beyond description.

Yet the most unquestionably startling of her features came through the sense that she had something compelling to say -- Her Presence came right out and spoke as I found myself suddenly simultaneously saying and writing down the following exact words, the very instant a friend snapped a flash photo of me with my drippingly-wet fresh creation. For you to get the fullest impact, as well as Digest the Depth of the underlying Message & Height of the overall Vision, I heartily recommend that you, too, speak these words OUT LOUD -- to fully engage your senses and maximize your listening on as many levels as you possibly can at once. Imagine you are indeed witnessing an Ancient Oracle speaking from beyond the edges of what we call Time & Space:


I AM Arachne, Spider Goddess, Weaver of Forms...
I AM the Shaper, I AM the Waker, I AM the Spinner into Light.
I AM worlds yet unborn....

I AM Voices from Long Ago,
& Voices yet to Be...
I AM the Voices of the Prophets & Ancient Melodies.

I AM the Designer of Colors,
Still wet, Dancin' & FREE!!!
I AM Deep within you,
Deep inside me.

I AM the yearning, I AM the turning, I AM the rising into light -- from sun to distant star bright.

I AM the knowing from other worlds entering.
Look! New chords come clear.
I AM the mysteries unraveled.
Come awake! We appear.